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Aimakhu gushes over iPhone 6, Damasus flushes abuse

Actress Toyin Aimakhu won the regular iPhone 6 Easter Sunday at the AY Lagos fun show and for her it was a big win, thanks to sponsor Maltina.

This is what she said, “This is just awesome. I am still very amazed. I had no idea this was going to happen. When they came up to say Maltina will be surprising 10 guests with iPhone 6, you could practically hear the mumble in the crowd.

“And all of a sudden, I heard them announce the quote on my card as a winning quote. I have had so many wonderful surprises this year and this is certainly one of them. Well done Maltina, this is really remarkable” she said.

Google Aimakhu or Stella Damasus and the paired picture of the two as featured here would come up, not because they are friends, but because Aimakhu still hates Damasus for snatching the husband of another actress, her friend Doris Simeon, and eloping with him, Daniel Ademinokan, to Los Angeles (USA).

Worse still, Ademinokan took the son he has with Doris with him to America to live with Stella. Daily Independent once reported that Aimakhu had sent Damasus a bullish phone text saying “If it were my son you took to the US and not return him, ma ti lu yin ju (I would have beaten you up). So When are you bringing back our son back?”

Another actress, who is also fighting Stella, is Helen Paul. Helen was sharing a story about her humble beginning at a comedy show and made Stella the butt of her joke for always changing her surname.

She asked “Stella Damasus or Nzeribe? Is she not even tired of changing her surname? Today she’s Aboderin, tomorrow she is Ademinokan. Only God knows the surname she would answer tomorrow. Well, the good thing is that she hasn’t changed her first name, Stella; so we can simply call her Stella.” This got the audience reeling on their seats.

Lounging this evening in a cosy Shaumburg home in Chicago, Illinois I asked two Nigerian ladies who, like most others, love Nollywood flicks and follow the gist on actors, what they knew about Damasus who now lives in America.

“I am sorry for that babe o” one of them replied. “If she posts anything on Facebook these days, people just rain abuse on her. Everyone hates what she did to Doris Simeon. Perhaps this is why she keeps closing and opening different Facebook accounts” said Tola Idris


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