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Aso Rock and its fatal attraction to politicians

Sani and Mariam Abacha went into Aso Rock together, but only Mariam survived. Olusegun and Stella Obasanjo went in together, but only OBJ survived. Umar Musa and Turai Yar’adua went in together, but only Turai survived.

Goodluck and Patience Jonathan went in together eight years ago (as Vice President and wife) then five years ago (as President and First Lady) and now with good luck on their side, and for being Nigeria’s first incumbent president to pick up the elusive Electoral Fair Play trophy for conceding defeat to Muhammadu Buhari, both man and wife have survived Aso Rock.

Interim Heads of State Ernest Shonekan and Abdulsalami Abubakar also survived Aso Rock with both their wives, Margaret and Fati, perhaps because they didn’t force their way into power nor stay in power by hook or crook.

Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida and wife, Miriam didn’t fare that well in Aso Rock even though they were the pioneer and founding tenants of the legendary presidential palace. Both nursed debilitating illnesses. IBB’s case is a knee cap replacement and bone issue plus huge hospital bills. Although fashionable Miriam made it out of Aso Rock when IBB “stepped aside”, she sadly bowed to cancer.

Many who have been inside the Aso Rock Villa will tell you it has opulence and intoxicating power oozing out of its nooks and crannies. Even an angel may be tempted to forfeit his wings and place in heaven in exchange for leave to perpetuate himself in Aso Rock as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, if care is not taken.

That is the snare that cost some of Aso Rock’s previous occupants their spouses; a snare Buhari must turn into a drum and beat a hasty retreat from rather than a noose to fall into.

History’s hard lesson for Buhari is crystal clear and he must think hard about surviving Aso Rock with his beautiful wife since 1989, Aisha Halilu and their 10 lovely children. He must stay on the path of justice, truth, patriotism and good governance. He must stay on the side of the masses (and not the APC sharks he is saddled with) and in the fear of God. So help him God.


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