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Four Nigerians emerge MPs as Cameron wins majority in Britain

All four British Nigerians reported yesterday by HAMILTONSTYLE as looking good to win Member of Parliament seats in the just concluded May 7, 2015 British elections have indeed won with landslide victories. They are Chuka Umunna, 36, Helen Grant, 53, Chi Onwurah, 50, and Kate Osamor.

In the same vein, David Cameron was re-elected with an outright majority beating Labour Party’s Ed Milliband to send place and securing 323 seats needed to form a government without needing to go into coalition.

Chuka Harrison Umunna, who served Streatham as Member of Parliament since 2010 and as Shadow Business Secretary since 2011, won 53 % votes in Streatham with a total of 26,474 votes. He beat Kim Caddy of the Conservative Party (12,540 votes – 25%), Amna Ahmad of Liberal Democrats (4,491 votes – 9%) and Jonathan Bartley of Green Party (4,421 – 9%). Umunna, 36, was born and raised in Streatham by his parents, Bennett and Patricia Umunna. He graduated from Nottingham Trent University.

Helen Grant of the Conservative Party was re-elected MP with 45% (22,745) votes in the Kent constituency of Maidstone and The Weald, beating Jasper Gerand of Liberal Democrats to second place (24% – 12,036 votes), Eddie Powell of UKip to third place (16% – 7,930 votes) and Allen Simpson of Labour to fourth place (11% – 5,268 votes). Grant, 53, was born in Willesden, London and graduated in Law from the University of Hull.

Chi Onwurah of Labour won her MP seat in the national constituency of Newcastle Upon Tyre Central with 55% (19,301) votes. She beat to second place, Simon Kitchen – Conservative (19% – 6,628), to third place, Daniel Thompson – Ukip (15% – 5,214) and to fourth place, Nick Cott – Liberal Democrats (6% – 2,218).
Onwurah, 50, was born in Wallsend, UK. She graduated from the Imperial College, London.

Of all four of them, Kate Osamor is the new kid on the block. She has never been an MP although her mother, Martha Osamor is a staunch Labour Party and Edmonton Community activist. Samor won the Edmonton seat with almost 65% (25,388) votes, beating to second place, Gonul Daniels of Conservative Party (9,969), to third place Douglas Coker of Green Party (1,358) and to fourth place, David Schmitz of Liberal Democrats (897). She beat all three rivals hands down.

For more background details on all four Nigerian MPs, please search and read on this Blog: “Four British Nigerians eye Parliament at Britain’s 2015 elections”


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