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Images of South Africans looting foreigners’ shops

As the world rises to condemn the ongoing maiming and killing of foreigners and the looting and destruction of their shops and properties by black South African locals, HAMILTONSTYLE continues to condemn these xenophobic attacks as well as the diplomatic sluggishness of both President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria and President Jacob Zuma of South Africa and their governments.

Please find displayed here images of how South African locals continue to loot and destroy the investments of foreign nationals living and working among them. Some of these images show South African policemen just as being culpable for watching the locals commit these crimes without making arrests.

Even if there are no security cameras scanning Soweto, one of the notorious neighbourhoods shown in some ofSA looting 5 SA looting 6 SA looting 7 SA looting 8 these images, these photographs are on the Internet and if the Zuma-led government is serious about bringing these criminals to book, this is all the evidence the police need to comb these looters out of hiding and bring them to justice.

Photos: (International Business Times (a Time Warner company)


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