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Anambra hotel restaurant cooks and serves human parts…

A hotel restaurant in Anambra has been shut down for cooking human flesh and serving it to customers. It is therefore no longer folktale that human beings are being slaughtered in some parts of the country not only for rituals, but for food.

The police were tipped off by locals who suspected something horrific was taking place inside the kitchen. They raided the hotel restaurant to discover human heads which were still dripping with blood in plastic bags.

Nine out of ten times and horrible as it sounds, it is strangers (not locals) that end up in these terrible pots of soup. so the next time you travel to unfamiliar parts, be suspicious of everything and everyone.

A local priest who ate at the restaurant was alarmed at the price of meals there, let alone where the meat came from. He was presented with a bill of N700.

The priest said: ‘The attendant noticed my reaction and told me it was the small piece of meat I had eaten that made the bill scale that high.

“I did not know I had been served with human meat, and that it was that expensive.”

The police also found a terrifying arsenal of weapons which included grenades when they raided the restaurant. Ten people were arrested in connection to the crimes.

One resident said, “I am not surprised at the shocking revelation. Every time I went to the market, I observed strange activities going on in the hotel.

“People who were never cleanly dressed and who looked a bit strange made their way in and out of the hotel, making me very suspicious of their activities.”

This horrid story was published also by the Daily Mail, AFP et al, but the Nigeria police have denied it saying no such thing happened. The Anambra State Police Command spokeswoman, Uche Eze, said; “There was nothing like that. I advise you to ignore that report. It’s not true and it did not happen. We don’t have such record.

“It’s embarrassing. I think we definitely deserve an apology because this story has already been sold out to a huge international audience who made so many unnecessary comments about Nigeria and Nigerians.”


It is embarrassing for the Nigeria Police, yes – especially because it puts them in very bad light that such debasement of human dignity is possible on a commercial scale in Nigeria. But that the eating of human flesh or trading in it isn’t going on here in Nigeria is no farce. Uche Eze can’t sweep that under the carpet even if she claims she has no knowledge of it. Our police should dig deeper and stop pretending.

Where there is no demand, supply dries up. Some Nigerians are so warped mentally that they believe eating human flesh will keep them alive for longer. The Anambra hotel restaurant reported here caters to such cannibals (and that is why this word exists in the dictionary). But the Anambra hotel isn’t alone in its weird trade.

The Nigeria Police under IGP Solomon Arase needs to continue to be proactive with its intelligence-led policing. There are many more dark holes (bars, hotels, restaurants) who still cook and serve human parts in notorious states of Eastern Nigeria.

But when it comes to dark holes that trade in human parts and whole human beings, police searchlight must cover all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

In Asia, cannibalistic restaurants have lifted their weirdo to a culinary art and they are seriously patronised by perverts. HAMILTONSTYLE serves you some photos of this weird human tendency from around the world. Try not to puke.

Look at the pictures… Would you also eat off the skin of a nude human like this or get your kicks eating your food like its pooh-pooh in a toilet bowl? Well, if you also know of other weird food fantasies, please drop us a comment. Imagine getting served cooked and stewed human meat without you knowing… yuck!

Sources: BBC Swahili | The Punch


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