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Lagos pharmacist Paul Olafare commits suicide, confuses family and church members

In the early hours of Sunday April 12, 2015 in Lagos, Lagos pharmacist Paul Olafare, thirty-ish committed suicide, throwing members of his family, ministry and church into confusion.

According to a neighbour and close friend of the deceased, who asked for anonymity, Olafare drank poison in two separate gulps and lay on the bed. His wife, Busayo, was in the bathroom having her shower ahead of the usual family preparation for church. She returned to their bedroom only to find her husband writhing in painful contortions.

“Sister Busayo said she shouted at him in panic, asking him WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS, PAUL?” the family friend told HAMILTONSTYLE. “She said Bro. Paul only looked at her in pain and said, I AM SORRY. IT IS TOO LATE! He then drank the remaining poison – a high grade, unadulterated pesticide.”

Unfortunately, the parents of the deceased, who have been at loggerheads with Mrs. Busayo Olafare and didn’t approve of their son’s marriage to her, lodged a murder charge against her and got Oworonshoki policemen to arrest her and transfer the case to State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti in Ebute Metta, Lagos.

Detectives of the SCID are now probing the cause of Olafare’s death and treating his wife like a felon.

“Bro. Paul’s parents and the police should stop giving Sister Busayo this trauma. He took his own life and there is enough evidence of that. She has their two children to look after and is still in shock knowing her husband’s corpse is still in the mortuary, Nobody can even talk about how to bury him while this dispute is with the police” said the family friend.

Busayo is the mother of their two children, Samuel and Iyanuoluwa. Husband and wife had lived together amicably and no murder motive as yet been identified or established by the police. Everything points at suicide.

“Bro. Paul had borrowed huge amounts of money from three different sources in order to set up his own pharmacy, but his inability to pay back had put him under severe pressure. Being also a minister of the gospel whom a lot of young people looked up to, and an award-winning pharmacist, I suspect he bottled up his financial frustration and whatever else he might have been going through” said the friend.

On Thursday last week, Olafare had allegedly sent a telephone text to his wife urging her to consider remarrying if anything ‘funny’ ever happened to him. His wife may have told the police at Panti SCID of how suicidal her husband had become lately.

She once had to call for help when Olafare attempted to jump down the Third Mainland Bridge into the lagoon.

Olafare was a brilliant pharmacist. He finished from the College of Medicine, University of Lagos. In 2013 a group had named him Lagos State Pharmacist of the Year. Until his death, he was a leader of the Celestial Church of Christ, Somolu Youth Group. He founded a gospel tract ministry, The Harvesters.

Gone too soon my friend in the Lord! I remember when you used to call me for programmes and you would specifically ask about the welfare of my wife and children! Continue to rest in the Lord my brother. Till we meet to part no more! Goodbye to a great prayer warrior and an award winning pharmacist. Celestial Church mourns a pillar – Oluwaseun Duyile.

Gosh. He worshipped in Somolu Parish. Was he sick or what? Oh Jesus! What an early exit! May his soul rest in perfect peace. So sad – Sunday Babalola.

What a painful exit, Paul. We have lost a brother, an in-law and a friend. May Almighty God forgive all your sins. My heart goes out to the family you left behind. May God give them the fortitude to bear your loss. Amen – Joseph Adewale.

This is so sad and a very rude shock! We met again after a long time at Prophet Biyi Adebamowo’s crusade in Ota, Ogun State about three weeks ago, where we both picked up evangelism awards. We hugged and laughed passionately while telling ourselves how great it was to see each other again. We encouraged one another and even left at about the same time with his parish team. Little did I know that I would not get to see you again, my brother, Paul Olafare. You fought a good fight. You were a role model and a great believer. May Christ receive your soul and grant your family, Somolu Parish of CCC and all the brethren the fortitude to bear this great loss. Adieu – Ibunkun Oni.

Paul Olafare, my son. You are a heart-rending proof that ministers of the gospel also need others to minister life and refreshing re-assurance to them too, lest they get drained from giving too much of themselves to others. You were an inspiration to your generation. But snuffing out a life-light whether it belongs to us or to another is not an option for any Christian, for we were all bought at a ransom with the Blood of Jesus Christ. You shouldn’t have taken the life that didn’t belong to you in the first place. We love you in Shaddaiville Ministries but we can’t minister life to you any more. You are gone too soon. In life you were my son. In death I can only hope that God’s mercy makes you His son still. Adieu!


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  1. It is so painful that I heard this about him on Sunday evening. He was one of my Discipleship students, along with some of the youths in his parish. Why would a believer act like this? His wife is just suffering for nothing.

  2. OMG! Did he have to take his Life? Suicide should never be an option. It is a selfish and cowardly act. No thoughts whatsoever for the little kids he fathered, No thoughts for his wife, No thoughts for his family members. As a minister and a mentor of the teachings of the Lord, No thoughts whatsoever for his protégé, No thoughts even for the salvation of his soul. He did not even believe in the promises of God as contained in the Bible. This is really so sad. In times past, long long time before before, when The Gospel of Christ was mainly about the salvation of souls and eternal life, we had fewer suicide cases as this one, but now when the Gospel is all about Prosperity, if you are not prospering, even the people of your Faith might not associate with you with respect. There is therefore this pressure to prosper at all cost even if you have to borrow beyond your capacity. Whatever happened to not forsaking the days of small beginnings? It is well! I pray God accepts your soul Bro. Rest in Peace!

  3. OMG! Terrible news. He was one of those who encouraged and inspired me a lot both in the Gospel and in Pharmacy practice. Hmm… I am speechless. Gone just too soon! RIP.

  4. Oh what a shame. PAUL SEUN OLAFARE was a very calm person. He was a humble guy; steadfast in God’s work. We were together in Sunday School at the Celestial Church of Christ Somolu parish. He would get to the church first before anyone, a peace maker. Seun, rest in perfect peace. Amen. #Ebony.

  5. Death is inevitable for everybody, but nobody knows the actual time. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

  6. Taking your life should not be an option but before a man can take his own life, he must have exploited many opportunities to address his situation. If he should come back to life to tell us what he went through, some of us may have been in a similar situation that tempts us to cut off from the world. It’s just by God’s grace that we are still standing. Once again, it’s not a good idea to take contemplate suicide. May God have mercy on your soul. Surviving on planet earth is for the brave.

  7. It was really painful to hear the exit of a devoted brother in Christ, irrespective of whatever is surrounding his death. The bottom line is that we all need to constantly audit our spiritual walk with God and always stay in touch with God’s Generals ahead of us for advice and direction in all issues confronting us. RIP Bro Paul.

  8. I am shocked about the whole story. I don’t even know what to believe but I choose to believe and trust God. Paul was my predecessor as President of the Celestial Students Fellowship in Yaba College of Technology and Busayo happened to be among my executives then during my tenure. I do not see Paul has someone who could contemplate suicide nor see Busayo being capable of murder. I think there is more to what we are hearing or seeing. My prayer is that God will comfort these families. Amen

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