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Magic and Lessons of Fe-Buhari 14 and March 28

Did you notice that Mr. Muhammadu Buhari won Nigeria’s just-concluded presidential elections with a total vote count of 15,424,921 while incumbent Dr. Goodluck Jonathan pooled 12,853,162? Now here is the joker God pulled off.

Both Buhari’s vote count win and Jonathan’s vote count loss each added up to 28! For Buhari: 1+5+4+2+4+9+2+1 = 28 and for Jonathan 1+2+8+5+3+1+6+2 = 28. And both ballot scores come from the presidential elections held on Saturday March 28?

It is more than a coincidence; it looks divine. It is God at work in Nigeria. Again here is the lesson to learn from this; nothing succeeds like a man or an idea whose time has come, and there is a supreme force that still rules the affairs of men, regardless of how manipulative men become.

For instance, the first shocker that Nigerians woke up to, on the dawn of the 2015 campaigns of all the political parties was the fact that the electoral umpire, INEC, had sacrificed all lovers’ Valentine’s Day, February 14 for the presidential elections.

But that significantly boosted Buhari’s campaign, a fact that came to the fore when a new spelling of ‘February’ was launched with visuals of ‘Fe-Buhari’ which in Yoruba means ‘Love Buhari’ and with the elections slated for All Lovers Day, it was like the whole nation rooting to love Buhari with overwhelming votes on ‘Febuhari 14.’

Jonathan and the PDP would have lost extremely woefully, but for the controversial postponement of the presidential election from ‘Febuhari 14’ to March 28. But from the vote count analysis above, you can see how 28, which doubles 14 became double electoral victory for Buhari on so many counts as pundits are still pointing out.

Interestingly too, the Broom Revolution (APC’s symbol) that swept Jonathan and the PDP out of Aso Rock was strengthened by the fact that March 28 was the last Saturday and Sanitation Day in many states of Nigeria, especially Lagos, the primordial headquarters of the Bola Tinubu-led APC. You see, INEC had unwittingly picked another very portent day for Federal Sanitation – an event that calls for Broom Power, not the PDP’s Umbrella.

Finally, Buhari is the fourth president of Nigeria’s Fourth Republic and he was confirmed winner with an INEC certificate of return in the fourth month after contesting for the presidency for the fourth time. Now he has four years to justify his four-time bid and Nigerians’ overwhelming votes investment in him.


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  1. I’m not much of a commentator on political issues, however I think this is a case of being 4th time fortunate, rather than 4th time lucky. Buhari is not a lucky man, on the contrary he was three times unlucky. But the 4th time around something extraordinary happened. He became quite so very fortunate going from zero to hero almost overnight. Although GEJ had the power he had not the authority. Buhari had no power but fortune smiled on him. The people gave him the authority through their vote and their voice; the people spoke for him and of him, and everyone knows that the voice of the people is the voice of God. You don’t confront a man that is fortunate and expect to defeat him. You don’t vilify a man that is fortunate and expect to be justified. Buhari’s return is the story of change. The change of March 28 was natural. It was a “force” that wasn’t forced. The “change” slogan is a force of nature accentuated by the symbolic nature of the broom. Welcome change.

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