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Make sweet lifestyle your suave signature

When you hear the word LIFESTYLE, oftentimes you’d think fashion. Yes! Fashion is part of it, but it isn’t all of it. Your lifestyle starts from what you eat, drink, think, say, wear or don’t wear, et cetera.
The English dictionary defines lifestyle as “a style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group.” If that’s how and what lifestyle is then let’s find out what defines you. Is it how you talk, eat, dress, your character or your friends? Your lifestyle defines and describes you.
Your inside. Keep your thoughts clean and positive. If you eat anything, anyhow and anywhere, then you’re not helping yourself and you’re at a risk of diseases and sickness. Remember that too much of anything is good for nothing. Eat right. Watch what you eat, live a healthy life and it will define your life. Brush, flush and floss your teeth and gums regularly. Ensure your breath stays fresh.
Your outside. Eating the right food and fruits also contribute to a glowing and shiny skin. Take proper care of your skin. Exfoliating your skin keeps you radiant. Invest in the right body creams and soaps. Visit the spa; take care of your fingers, nails and feet. Take regular baths; don’t wait till you’re going out. Exercising helps tone your muscles and skin. Adequate exercise keeps you fit.
Pay attention to your skin. Pamper it and you will defy ageing and wrinkles for much longer. Let people wonder why you always look younger. Remember, it’s your lifestyle! Pay attention to your hair.  Don’t look shabby and bedraggled. Let your hair speak for and about you! Don’t let people ask how are you? Let them see how you are and enjoy their compliments! Treat your hair with the same attention you treat your stomach!
Fashion is passion. It’s an investment! It requires money and sense. Have a fashion sense. Don’t just buy anything because you can afford it. Buy what you need and what fits you! Take proper care of the ones you have. Keep them neat and tidy! Remember you will be addressed the way you are dressed!  Always dress for where you are going, not just where you are. Invest in good clothes, perfumes and accessories. Refine your lifestyle, so it can define you well.
Your attitude. How far you will go in each phase of your life is mostly a function of your mien. Attitude is the sum of your internal and external mien. And guess what? Your attitude will determine your altitude. Therefore, cultivate an aura of love, happiness, optimism and self confidence, and goodwill will envelope you.
Let your lifestyle be the suave and savvy signature that can cash cheques for you. Be good always!  That is a good lifestyle!


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  1. Nice one! It’s pertinent we are mindful of our lifestyle, it goes a long way in helping us live better and greater, majorly it increases our life span.
    Adedoyin keep preaching it.

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