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Mayweather beat Pacquiao, but the paying crowd wanted blood

Floyd Mayweather, 38, has been undefeated in boxing since age 19 and against Manny (Pacman) Pacquiao last night in Las Vegas (Sunday dawn in England and Nigeria) showed Mayweather a brilliant pugilist who just earned 2.7 million dollars a minute. Nobody likes his braggado moth but not even Pacquiao, if sensible, would like another flurry of FM punches to his face.

Mayweather beat Pacquiao on a points decision in one of the most lucrative boxing matches of all time. The total revenue for the bout could reach $400 million, driven by as many as three million pay-per-view purchases. The figures – touted as high as a possible $180 million prize win for Mayweather and an estimated $120 million bonanza for Pacquiao – intensified the spotlight on a fight between two of the most successful boxers of their generation.

Neither of the fighters succeeded in landing a winning blow during 12 rounds late on Saturday night, and judges awarded Mayweather the fight at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, on a points decision. All three judges scored Mayweather higher than Pacquiao in a unanimous decision. The new unified WBC, WBA and WBO Welterweight champion scored 118-110, 116-112, 116-112.

American Mayweather took his unbeaten record to 48-0, with Pacquiao’s record slumping to 57 wins and six losses after the Philippine national icon’s defeat. It would take a TKO – technical knockout of Mayweather for Pacquiao to even dream of being declared winner of such a match.

Saturday’s long-awaited bout, which had been more than five years in the making, transcended the traditional boxing scene. It catapulted the sport back into the public consciousness and promised to rewrite the record books as the richest fight of all time. Las Vegas was buzzing in the run-up to the welterweight world title showdown.


Al Jazeera’s Andy Gallagher, Las Vegas, before the match, said the atmosphere in the city was “electric” as hundreds of thousands of people had swarmed there just to be close to the fight. “It’s been building up and counting down and now the streets of Las Vegas are completely packed,” he said.

In the Philippines, Al Jazeera’s Jamela Alindogan, reporting from General Santos, said an “unofficial holiday” had been declared in the country of 100 million, with streets packed with Pacquiao’s supporters waiting to watch the match on TV screens. But the paying crowd booed the march results and have been tweeting for a rematch.

Gareth Davies wrote for and summarized the first three rounds of the match in favour of Mayweather.

Round One: Brilliant first round by Mayweather. Controlled everything: centre of the ring, landed that dangerous right hand twice – the second time just buckling Pacman’s legs a little, and also was even setting traps to land a big right by drawing Manny in. Mayweather 10-9.

Round Two: Apart from one combination, Pacquiao is being out moved and that right hand of Floyd’s looks so dangerous. They are calling for Pacman but this is all FM. Already 5/6 long straight rights. Mayweather really in the mood. Beautiful to watch. Mayweather 10-9.

Round Three: This is a slightly more aggressive Floyd than we are used to seeing. It is working very effectively. Great jabs, the occasional right hand. Low blow from FM on MP. Come on Kenny, stronger warning needed. Good right to the body from FM. Pacman needs to start landing. Needs a clean combo to change pattern of fight. For me, FM winning this easily. Mayweather 10-9.

Two business-minded sports celebrities come to mind here. They are both clinical about their game and craftsmanship. They are into their game both for the love of money as well as the fame and game. In lawn tennis, it is Roger Federer whose policy is not to kill himself on the hard court, but just to do enough to stay on top of his game.

In boxing, it is Floyd Mayweather. He did just all that was required to clinch the $1 million one-off belt trophy plus $180 million and spewed enough venom for his haters to look forward to another Mayweather bout on canvas – if only to see him go down. But that may never happen till Mayweather retires.


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  1. Wondering how a ‘Fight’, that aims to hurt your fellow human – not a mere contest – captures the attention of the world without an outcry.

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