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Metuh, PDP can’t make Buhari appoint ministers in a hurry

It is obvious as well as makes sense that President Muhammadu Buhari is taking his time to appoint ministers only after he clears the rot and insolvency that 16 years of having the Peoples Democratic Party in power, especially the last five years of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s misrule have foisted on Nigeria.

Usual politics is about sharing political power and the largesse of office. More often than not, the masses of the people become impoverished as political leaders squander national resources within the limited time in which they were voted into office. That is the way usual politics has constantly played out in Nigeria and indeed the rest of Africa.

HAMILTONSTYLE believes however that politics unusual is what over 15 million Nigerians voted Buhari for, and that is exactly what he is doing. If Nigeria were an ailing multinational, its new CEO would need first to understand the extent to which it was mismanaged before he brings in his salvation army.

PDP stalwarts like Chief Olisa Metuh, spokesman for the party can’t rustle Buhari’s feathers with attempts to score cheap political points. Yesterday, Metuh said “We are deeply worried that the President who promised to unveil his cabinet two weeks after his inauguration, has not been able to decide on key appointments such as ministers, Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), a Chief of Staff and advisers in key sectors of the economy.”

Happily, Nigerians are wiser and should never again vote for less than they deserve. Today on a 7.00am radio programme called Frontpage Analysis, listeners’ feedback was overwhelmingly in support of Buhari taking his time before he appoints his ministers, since national life is already getting better than Jonathan and PDP left it.

You may recall that in the last six weeks of Jonathan’s rule, life crawled almost to a complete halt. Transportation and food costs skyrocketed because petrol, cooking gas and kerosene were unavailable at legitimate outlets, except in the black market where N87 per litre petrol price had risen to as much as N300 – N400 per litre. Radio stations and telecom giants were shutting down stations for lack of fuel. Nigeria never had it so bad.

But within 14 days of Buhari’s inauguration, petrol has become more readily available than before, and at N87 per litre pump price.

Again Jonathan left the country in darkness because power generation dropped under his watch from over 4000 megawatts to just a little over 1000 despite the billions of Naira he ostensibly pumped into the power sector.

Yet again, the fear of Buhari has driven a new work ethic in federal civil servants. Since Monday June 1, public servants who used to saunter to work at noon, have been found at their desks before resumption time, whereas 10 Jonathans didn’t command such diligence to work.

FOR those that are eager to hear President Muhammadu Buhari name his cabinet members, they will have to tarry awhile because the President’s cabinet members may not be announced until the end of August or early September.

A presidency source said that Buhari would not form any cabinet until the “rot left behind by the past administration” is cleared.

“Mr. President is reluctant to build on a rotten foundation he inherited from the Peoples Democratic Party administration. You cannot even begin to imagine the situation we have met on the ground; almost everything is in a state of decay. There is absolutely no way the new government can hope to achieve anything long-lasting without first building a new foundation,” said the source.



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