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Who really killed Funsho Williams ‘Omoluabi Eko’?

For a whopping N5 billion in damages, a cemetery attendant, Bashir Junaid has gotten the Funsho Williams’ murder case reopened by a federal high court in Lagos. Mr Williams was the governorship aspirant who stepped down for Senator Bola Tinubu to emerge Governor of Lagos State, but when he attempted to run for the same office as PDP flagbearer, he was murdered.
Junaid is asking for fresh investigations into the murder of Williams, also pupolarly called Ómoluabi Eko’ – the Lagos Gentleman. Justice Rita Ofili-Ajumogobia had struck out the same suit on April 29, 2015 for lack of proper prosecution.
The judge however allowed the suit to be returned onto the cause list after entertaining a fresh motion and argument from the plaintiff’s counsel, Tunji Adesheye, on Monday.
Junaid who was arrested and detained by the police during preliminary investigation into Williams’ murder, filed the suit seeking a mandamus order compelling the Inspector General of Police to conduct fresh investigation with the possibility of a fresh trial.
The applicant, who is seeking N5bn as exemplary damages, joined a former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, and 10 others as the respondents.
Williams was strangled to death in his Dolphin Estate residence, in Ikoyi, Lagos, on July 27, 2006.
Junaid, in his 48-рaragraph ѕtаtеmеnt of сlаim, alleged that the police disregarded his freely made statement, which could have assisted them to know who killed Williams.
He claimed that the concrete evidence that he tendered was diѕcarded by the Federal Central Invеѕtigаtiоnѕ Dераrtmеnt, Alagbon, Lagos.
Junaid, who alleged that Tinubu used his influence with the police to exonerate himself, equally accused the police of compromise by allegedly allowing the legal adviser to the All Progressives Congress, Dr. Muiz Banire, to change his statement after he had been cautioned.
At the Monday’s proceedings, Adesheye informed the court that in compliance with an earlier order of the court before the suit was struck out, his client had ensured personal service of the concurrent writ of summons on the defendants that were outside the court’s jurisdiction.
The lawyer urged the court to grant the motion seeking to re-list the suit in the interest of justice, saying the defendants would not be prejudiced in anyway whatsoever if the request was granted.
But counsel for the 1st and 4th defendants, Kingson Uwandu, while opposing Adesheye’s submission, pointed out that the plaintiff had yet to pay the N25, 000 fine placed on him by the court when the matter was struck out.
Uwandu said it was improper for the plaintiff, who had failed to comply with an order of the court, to turn around seeking a favour from the same court.
But when probed by the court on when the order for the payment of the N25, 000 fine was made against the plaintiff, Uwandu said he could not remember because he was not with the case file.
Ofili-Ajumogobia, who eventually vacated the earlier cost of N25, 000 made against Junaid, also granted the prayer to enlist the suit.
Further hearing in the matter has been adjourned till September 29, 2015.
It is curious how Junaid, a cemetery attendant can hire a lawyer to know who killed a corpse perhaps brought to his cemetery for burial. What is his peculiar link to the case and does he have any record of fighting to know the cause of death of any other corpse buried in his cemetery?
It is equally curious why a cemetery attendant would seek N5 billion in damages. At his income and social level, he is not expected to have such a bloated appetite for money. So who or what is pushing him as the face of this case when even late Williams’ wife and son openly supported Tinubu’s government and welcomed his official palliatives like the renaming of Western Avenue in Surulere as Funsho Williams Avenue, etc?


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  1. Well, if you must know, Bashir Junaid, though a Cemetery attendant, was actually an influential party LGA Executive Secretary of Alliance for Democracy (AD) in Old Mushin Local Government when Mushin was still one during the period Funsho Williams was gruesomely murdered. He may have a political lead to the crime not as Cemetery attendant. Funsho Williams corpse was not buried in Mushin Cemetery where Bashir worked as attendant. Since the matter is in court, let us wait for his evidences and the court ruling. Thank you.

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