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Yemisi Kudehinbu, lady said to be mistress to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


These must be tough times for Yemisi Kudehinbu. For the umpteenth time she has been reported to be much more than a carer of Christian Oyakhilome, Senior Pastor, Christ Embassy. Indeed it is alleged that she wants Mrs. Anita Oyakhilome out and herself to become the next Mrs. Oyakhilome. It is also alleged that now that it looks like Anita and Chris are coming back together again, Yemisi is sad and mad about it.

Anita (nee Ebodaghe) had sought divorce while accusing her husband of inexplicable behaviour. It isn’t clear if infidelity qualifies as inexplicable behaviour. But it has been alleged that Chris surrounds himself with female church members some of whom live with him in his Lagos home otherwise called the White House.

Huhuonline, which for some reason has been reporting details of the Oyakhilome marriage brouhaha very religiously, says this about Ms Kudehinbu:

“Yemisi Kudehinbu who is in her late forties played the role of his wife. Her closeness to Chris Oyakhilome dates back to the 1990s, when she was a Pastor of Christ Embassy Students Fellowship (Believers Love World). As soon as Anita travelled to London over the failing health of one of their daughters. Yemisi moved in with Chris. She lived with him, cooked for him, bought his clothes, drove him around and travelled everywhere with him.

“However, she moved out anytime Anita was in Nigeria, but returned as soon as Anita travelled back to London. Yemisi became so powerful within Christ Embassy that she could hire and fire. She began to override decisions by many senior pastors in the ministry including Anita… (she) lived with Christian Oyakhilome for more than 18 years playing wifey (and has) threatened to expose him, if he ever returned to his real wife (Anita). However, it remains to be seen if she will carry out her threat.”

Yemisi is alleged to be the reason Anita filed for divorce because she felt she had all but lost everything Chris to Yemisi. This may or may not be true. But here is what we found out about Yemisi…

Yemisi Kudehinbu is a pastor of Christ Embassy and in September 2014, she was named CEO of the church’s start-off platform, the Believers Love World. On the website of Refuge Home and Savings Ltd her brief profile as non-executive director reads: Ms Kudehinbu holds a degree in Pharmacy from College of Medicine, University of Lagos, and has several business interests in the food, garment and publishing sectors. She is currently the chairman of Global Plus Group of Companies, an international publishing company, and a Director in a global Non-Profit organization.

She might not be a mistress to Reverend (Dr) Christian Oyakhilome nor have any aggression to send his wife packing because she has an ambition to marry him. But being a pastor herself, she ought to know better than to allow herself to be seen and reported as the spoiler between her senior pastor and his wife. Not being married herself, suspicion is heightened whenever she is seen around Oyakhilome and it is definitely not her place to live with him and cook for him, not being his wife – as it has been alleged and reported by social media.

HAMILTONSTYLE reports all the sides to a story and we will bring you Yemisi’s defence of herself once she grants us an interview – if ever the church would allow her to.


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